About Us

Dutchess is a jewlery business based out in Toronto, Canada. Dutchess was founded by Maryam Homayon coming from a family that have owned a jewlery business since 1980s. In 2020 when pandemic was affecting everyone Maryam decided to start a line of her own. With so much entrepreneurship experience and generational knowledge, providing excellence is embedded in her business.

Our Vision: We strive to create jewelry that inspires and keeps happy memories alive. We provide with exceptional customer service and ensure that it fits any budget with prices in this world of rising costs. With ever evolving trends, styles we focus on high quality silver and gold plated jewlery.

Our Values: We commit and act upon these values:

Client Focus: Exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional customer service.

Integrity: Craft our products with the finest materials and act upon the highest ethical standards.

Leadership: We will not just lead by example, but we will set the example for ourselves and the industry.

Transparency: Conduct transactions with openness and honesty.